2019 Sustainability Report



Consorzio Remedia has been operating since its inception in 2005, originated from the commitment of 44 Producers of the hi-tech industry, with the aim of accompanying companies towards the correct management of WEEE. Since then, by integrating the management of waste Batteries and Accumulators with its activities, the member Producers that rely on the Collective Scheme for fulfilling their e-waste obligations have grown to reach 2,306 companies in 2019, for which Remedia manages an annual average of about 100,000 tons of waste. These figures make Remedia the leading Italian Collective Scheme for the joint and eco-sustainable management of WEEE, end-of-life Batteries and Accumulators, and one of the most important at European level.

In 2012, Remedia TSR was founded. Today Remedia TSR is among the leading companies in the environmental sector, offering services dedicated to end-of-life e-waste through an innovative and eco-sustainable management. Thanks to a consolidated know-how in the sector and the specific expertise acquired over the years, Remedia TSR operates throughout Italy, specialising in re-use and recycling, with particular attention to the traceability of waste streams, the safety of recycling processes and the valorisation of the recovered material. Remedia TSR is owned by Consorzio Remedia and by Interseroh, a company part of ALBA Group, a multinational group operating in the field of environmental services and recycling.


The relevant legislation on WEEE (Legislative Decree 49/2014) requires Collective Schemes to have specific organizational arrangements and governance rules: they must adopt and operate under standard Bylaws for WEEE Collective Schemes in order to guarantee and ensure – on behalf of their Members – the transposition of all legal requirements for proper e-waste management. The Bylaws, in addition to defining the representative bodies and related powers and delegation of powers, as well as the supervisory mechanisms and bodies, also define the criteria for membership to the Collective Scheme, the rights, duties and the obligations relating to the payment of the environmental fees.


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