Green Economy Report 2018

President’s letter

2018 was an extraordinary year for Remedia, marked by some important milestones and excellent results that we are proud to present in this Green Economy Report, which has always been an instrument in the furtherance of the transparency and commitment of Remedia and the Producers who are part of it.

The merger by incorporation of the Collective Scheme ecoR’it and the extension of the scope of the regulatory framework, so-called “open scope”, that resulted in more than 840 companies becoming members, bringing the total to 2,200 associates, confirms Remedia as the first collective scheme for collection quotas in the management of WEEE.

To this must be added the strategic alliance with Interseroh, which made its entry into the share capital of Remedia TSR, allowing it to make a new qualitative leap in terms of competitiveness and benefit from a broader and more innovative portfolio of services and further economies of scale, with a view to supporting businesses committed towards a modern and safe management of company waste.

Thanks to these new developments we achieved another record: 124,818 tons of e- waste managed, up 36% compared to the previous year.

As a result of the high safety level of the operating processes employed and the quality of the services provided, we further strengthened our leadership, expanding a strategy based on innovation and on the ability to offer tailored solutions according to the needs of companies, in a circular economy perspective and with due regard to all stakeholders. In this scenario, increasing attention is being paid to the practical application of the circular economy principles, an essential element of the strategies of the entire Group. Remedia has built its credibility and authority on values ​​such as transparency, quality, safety, efficiency and innovation, and today is a point of reference for defining a new standard of extended producer responsibility, which can represent a strategic and virtuous model for achieving economic and environmental benefits for all players involved.

Remedia has therefore become greater and stronger, confirming its capacity to create economic, environmental and social value in a challenging and rapidly evolving national scenario.

Today we live in a context where waste management requires a transformation process linked to the implementation of the circular economy directives, to the revision of the extended producer responsibility and to the dynamics of the waste market. We have the possibility – and desirability – to redesign an economic system that can contribute to safeguarding our planet without forswearing the generation of wealth and employment, but we need to invest in eco-innovation and in a cultural change rather than a technical-legal one.

There is not a Planet B, but one and only Planet for everybody, and Remedia is ready to play its part, contributing to the development of a new circular economy which benefits the individual, society and the Earth.


Dario Bisogni

Consorzio Remedia President

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