2019 Sustainability Report

President’s letter

2019 was a year of strong growth and development for Remedia. We have equalled, and exceeded, the excellent management results of 2018 and we did it by always operating with the highest standards of efficiency and environmental quality that have always set us apart, in compliance with current legislation and in collaboration with all stakeholders. The results achieved, which we are pleased to present to you for the first time with a Sustainability Report that adopts the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), represent the result of the commitment and transparency of Remedia and of the Producers who are part of it.

Remedia confirmed its position as the leading Collective Scheme for WEEE collection quotas and third for exhausted Batteries and Accumulators, with over 2,300 members and 149,001 tons of waste managed in 2019, an increase of 17.8% compared to the previous year.

These figures tell a lot about Remedia’s role and responsibility in the management of WEEE and waste Batteries and Accumulators, both as a spokesperson for the Producers it represents, and as a driver of change, supporting our Country towards a correct evolution, traced by new and ambitious EU directives in the field of environmental protection and circular economy.

Indeed, Italy is preparing to transpose the European directives and regulate the Extended Producer Responsibility regimes. All this takes place in a difficult context, which already in 2019 has proved to be more and more complex due to the collapse of raw materials prices, the increase in efficiency bonuses to Municipalities and distributors, and the growth in collection volumes which, although it is a positive result for the targets to be achieved, entails an increase in waste management costs falling under the Producers’ responsibility.

Additionally, the WEEE management system has proven to be efficient but not fully adequate to cope with the new context and achieve the collection targets, which in 2019 rose from 45% to 65% of the volumes placed on the market in the previous three years. The main reason is given by the failure to report the parallel streams of waste managed by entities other than the Producers’ Collective Schemes. If we consider that the quota of electrical and electronic waste managed by Collective Schemes is estimated at 40% of the total WEEE generated in Italy, it is clear that the target set at 65% appears difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, Remedia has set itself the voluntary goal of starting work aimed at increasing its collection rate also through numerous strategic projects which, launched in 2019, will be substantially reflected in the near future, creating economic, environmental and social value along the entire chain.

In this context, Remedia has shown a strong will to identify itself as a precious ally and driver of innovation for its stakeholders − from institutions, to Producers, to operators of the sector, up to the citizens − which intend to support a concrete transition of the economic model, by acknowledging and adopting strategies of sustainability and circular economy throughout the chain and not only in the end-of-life stage of the product. Only this will ensure the efficient use of resources and the reduction of environmental impacts, supporting a virtuous cycle for achieving concrete economic, environmental and social benefits for all those involved, Earth included.


Dario Bisogni

Consorzio Remedia President

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