Green Economy Report 2018

Remedia waste collection

Household WEEE | Professional WEEE | Batteries and Accumulators |
Waste collection GROWS OVER 80% in three years

In 2018, Remedia collected 124,818 tons of household and professional WEEE, batteries and accumulators, in addition to 1.651 tons of other types of waste and packaging. Compared to 2016, the waste managed increased by 85%. This trend is largely attributable to a strengthened membership base, following the entry of a large number of new producers: 415 in 2016, 120 in 2017 and 840 in 2018, thanks also to the incorporation by Remedia of the multi-sector Collective Scheme ecoR’it. In addition, starting from 2018, the new WEEE open scope came into force (Legislative Decree No. 49/2014), which provides for the extension of the scope to other electrical and electronic equipment previously excluded, thus contributing in part to the increase in the number of Remedia members.

Household WEEE represents the largest share of all waste managed by Remedia, about 82% of the total collected in 2018, while professional WEEE and batteries and accumulators are around 9% of this total. It is worth noting that the share of household WEEE on the total collected has dropped by more than 5 percent compared to 2016, whereas the collection of batteries and accumulators has increased by +4 percent compared to 2016. In fact, even though the higher volumes collected over the three-year period concerned all the categories of e- waste managed, that of batteries and accumulators has more than tripled, while the collection of professional WEEE has doubled and that of household WEEE has increased by 76%.

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