2019 Sustainability Report

Collection performance

Household WEEE | Professional WEEE | Batteries and Accumulators |


During 2019, Remedia collected 144,032 tons of e-waste, subdivided into household WEEE, professional WEEE and spent Batteries and Accumulators, to which 4,969 tons of other waste, funnel glass, packaging and toner must be added.

In terms of e-waste alone, this represents a growth of 15.4% compared to 2018, during which were collected 124,818 tons of e-waste. If we consider the previous three years, there has been a growth of 56.5% over the 92,016 tons collected in 2017.

Household WEEE continues to represent the largest share  of Remedia’s management with a total of 116,000 tons (+ 13.3% vs. 2018), corresponding to 80.5% of the e-waste collected, followed by waste Batteries and Accumulators  which, with 18,751 tons, recorded a growth of 72.1% compared to the previous year, representing 13% of the 2019 collection, while professional WEEE trails behind with a share of 9,281 tons, making up 6.4% of the volumes collected.

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