2019 Sustainability Report

The Environmental Performance


This section concerns the environmental performance of Remedia, which applies the corporate value of efficiency along its entire chain while taking responsibility for reducing the impacts generated by the processes. Specifically, environmental performance is measured on materials, energy consumption and emissions limited to the household WEEE area, including in the reporting boundary the logistics suppliers and treatment plants.

Through the use of the WEEE Forum tool, an instrument provided by the WEEE Forum for the processing of energy consumption and emissions deriving from the management of household WEEE, Remedia was able to quantify the energy consumption and the emissions saved thanks to its work. By carrying out activities linked to the correct management of household WEEE, Remedia does in effect contribute to the mitigation of environmental impacts.

191.4 million kWh of energy saved, equal to the annual electricity consumption of a city with 177,552 inhabitants
626,934 tons of CO2 saved, equal to the emissions generated by the existing vehicle fleet of the province of Milan for a period of 23 days
103,147 tons of waste sent for recycling recycling (equal to 88.9% of the total household WEEE collected)

Of the 103,147 tons recycled, 48.1% is made up of iron, which, with its 49,603 tons, obtains the primacy among recycled materials. Not far behind we find glass with 21.1%, equal to 21,736 tons, and plastic that counts for 17.5% of the total with 18,060 tons destined for recycling. Then follow concrete, with 5.1% equal to 5,280 tons, copper, with 4,1% equal to 4,269 tons, aluminium, with 2,4% equal to 2,448 tons, wood, with 1,1% equal to 1,094 tons, other materials with 0.6% equal to 578 tons, and finally lead with 0.1% equal to 80 tons.

The quantity of recycled iron corresponds to the amount needed to build 6.79 Eiffel Tower.

The quantity of recycled copper corresponds to the amount needed to build 47.43 Statues of Liberty.

The quantity of recycled aluminium corresponds to the amount needed to produce 163.2 million 33 cl cans, which if placed next to each the other would measure 9,465 km, just a little less than the distance from Milan to San Francisco.

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